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 To me photography has always been about telling a story by capturing a moment in time. From a BFA in photography from SUNY New Paltz to an event studio in NJ and night life paparazzo in the Hudson Valley. Falling into the theatre community has been a perfect fit in NYC. It's a world that is all about story telling and creating moments. For me it's an honor to be a part of the city's history and document these projects. 

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From conception to the first full production,  the stories we tell have a story of their own. Meetings, rehearsals, workshops, readings and productions of all sizes are full of amazing moments and memories that are easy to miss in the life of a project. Documenting both on and off stage, I love watching a show come  together with my lens on it. 

Natasha Frater

Portraits. Headshots

Specializing in dance and actors needs! Working in the nyc theatre community for 5 years now, I've seen the passion, desire and drive its takes to make it in the business. Providing an image that portrays the confident individual energy we all possess is so special to me.

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Katharine Pettit Creative

 KPC challenges societal norms using dance as a call to action. KPC unites artists and audiences through diverse and alternative perspectives. 

The Failing NY Times Credit!

Theater review: Crackskull Row at the Workshop Theater By Helen Shaw for TimeOut NY

"It doesn't take long to realize that not everyone in Molloy's Crackskull Row is alive—or at least, not everyone is alive right now. Generations fade into each other in a tumbledown Dublin house, and fae spirits show up to fix the wonky plumbing. Ah, but something else ain't right here either."


Musical Theater Today is a new, annual print publication collecting diverse perspectives that all meet under the banner of musical theater. Weighing in at nearly 500 pages, the inaugural issue is an explosion of fascinating conversations, fresh work excerpts, and insightful essays. The result is a unique and often surprising survey of a form that is constantly evolving, expanding, and diversifying.

Resident Photographer @NYTB

New York Theatre Barn is a Manhattan-based non-profit theatre company, founded in 2007, dedicated to incubating and producing new musicals that tell untold stories.  Our stories are inspired by the lives of real people and actual events that challenge our preconceived ideas, and promote inclusion and positive social change. In today’s divisive political and social climate, we believe that now more than ever, these types of stories need to be seen and heard by more people. 

The Reviews Are In

Joe Barros (Bastard Jones, Cagney)


Artistic Director, NY Theatre Barn 

“Michael has the magic touch when it comes to capturing our events and productions. His keen eye for detail, the ease and comfort he brings to our actors, and the fluidity in which he breathes life into the images of our ongoing story are just some of the qualities that make him a huge asset to the work we are doing. His photos unequivocally capture who and what we are so beautifully, transforming our marketing brand over the past four years. New York Theatre Barn has gained vital visibility and exposure because of Michael Bonasio’s extraordinary work."

Tim McCorry (Coyote)

"Michael, these are wonderful! You captured the romantic chemistry between Pedro and Bernadice and the magical power of Coyote beautifully!!!

We are very grateful!"

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Resident Photographer- NY Theatre Born 

Photographer/ Videographer- KPC (Katharine Pettit Creative)  Dance As A Call To ACTION!! Check Out KPC HERE! 

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