I picked the camera up at an early age thanks to the passion my mother had for the medium. She had no restraint expressing herself and was a strong female entity. Her many gardens, full of flora, flourished in her care. Living on several acres it was a nice place to call home. From the pastures to the woods, and the small brook that ran through. It was my playground as a child and was mine to explore. 

Being encouraged to persue my interests and express myself as an individual was an anamzing gift from my family. I was always aware and appreciative of the beauty and fragile balance of life.

Photographer with 20+ years of experience. Introduced  to the medium by my mother, I studied as a fine artist and have freelanced independently for most of my career. My commercial work includes musical theatre, dance and various performers, headshots, weddings and events. I’m very comfortable in a studio environment as well as on location. Always premeditating the final image I also enjoy capturing those spontaneous moments. My current focus is on my theatre and landscape work.